We can help you decide if your tree needs to be removed. We have the skill and knowledge to safely and effectively remove even the most dangerous tree without damaging its feature. Tree removal is a dangerous job and it is best left to trained, licensed and insured professionals.


Pruning (Trimming) is the most common tree practice done to urban trees. Our professional tree workers can prune your trees in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro for the best possible appearance while allowing your trees to meet certain requirements, improve tree health and also exceed your expectations.


tree surgery. services on an emergency basis and as part of a regular tree maintenance program. Tree repair is necessary for a variety of reasons. Because every tree is unique and the damage it experiences is unique, employing a professional arborist is essential to ensuring the overall health and safety of your trees.

You can trust us!

Edwin Zelaya Tree Service specializes in trees. can encounter in the often challenging Texas weather. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction (see testimonials) and take the extra steps necessary for quality work including:

  • Sterilizing tree saws to prevent the spread of tree diseases.
  • Treating tree wounds to prevent rot and fungus from infecting a recently trimmed tree.
  • Remembering not to trim certain trees during the time of the year when then are most in danger of infection.
  • Taking advantage of city bulk trash pickup to save our customers money.